One of the most trying situations that you can put your body through is pregnancy. From the outrageous mood swings, demanding cravings and impossible body changes, it’s common to feel like you have zero control. This inability to control our body or emotions is usually the reason that stress, anxiety and depression also become factors of pregnancy. Rather than let these symptoms get the best of you, we recommend trying prenatal yoga.

In itself, yoga holds endless benefits, many of which are valuable during a pregnancy. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you partake in prenatal yoga.

Stress Relief

With a body that you have no control over, stress levels are high. Add the insane amounts of hormones that are flowing through your body and you can count on high stress levels, high blood pressure and an incurable anxiety. Yoga focuses on breathing ability, which drives your focus to simply breathing. When you have a controllable breathing pattern, you are able to get oxygen to all of your vital organs which increases health and lowers blood pressure.


One symptom that is common in pregnant women is bloating. Between swollen feet, achy backs and muscle straining. The best way to handle this is through stretching and working out. While working out sounds like the last thing you’d want to do while pregnant, yoga provides you with a workout that doesn’t strain your body. Yoga classes also practice poses that require you to stretch and work on your flexibility, which has shown to reduce back pain as well as cramping in other parts of the body.


While focus isn’t always a priority during your pregnancy, it most certainly is one afterwards. Yoga requires quite a bit of focus; on your breathing, your body, your movements, meditation, your surroundings, and more. Once you’ve gained an understanding of how to do this within a class, you’ll be able to turn distractions on and off in your day to day life, making it easier to focus as needed.

If you are ready to make your pregnancy just a little bit more pleasant, stop by Flow Yoga Studio and participate in one of our classes. We are excited to help you.