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Top Rated Local® Yoga Studio

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Flow Yoga is your Top Rated Local® certified yoga studio! We pride ourselves on the variety of yoga classes offered in our studio in Tracy! We aim to provide you with an opportunity to practice meditation, flexibility, and mindful breathing during each class. Visit our yoga studio today!

Flow Yoga offers yoga classes for every yogi! Whether you are just beginning to build your foundation, or you are continuing to develop and cultivate strength, flexibility and balance, we can help! Our dynamic and inspired classes are heart driven to give you an incredible experience!

The instructors at Flow Yoga are passionate and inspired by yoga, that's why we've chosen them to help you grow! We believe that it's possible to have fun, laugh and feel inspired during every yoga class. Allow for our teachers to show you how yoga can help you connect, transform & evaluate your life.

Why Choose Us?

The Flow Yoga Experience

We love a varied practice of yoga. In some of our yoga classes you will find a faster paced, energetic, & dynamic flow. In others you will find a more gentle practice where poses are held longer, allowing you the opportunity to explore balance and depth, both on and off the mat. Although the complete Flow Yoga experience includes variety and each teacher’s personal touch & creative point of view, the skillful and intelligent approach is the same in each yoga class.

Pricing & Program Info

Who we are & what we do

At Flow Yoga, we know it’s possible to have fun, laugh and feel inspired through the practice of yoga. We promote skillful alignment, creative sequencing and mindful breathing at our yoga studio. Our teachers are highly trained, professional yoga instructors who are enthusiastic about sharing yoga’s power to connect, transform and elevate your life during each class. We offer authentic teachings from the heart of experience and inspiration of our own personal practice and evolution of yoga. Let's just say that, we LOVE yoga!