Whether you’re just beginning to practice yoga, or you’ve been practicing it for years, Flow Yoga has a class for you! Each of our classes is taught by a professional yoga instructor and driven by passion and experience. Join our yoga classes if you’re looking to find a deeper connection to the art of yoga! Here are the following levels of classes that we offer at Flow Yoga.

Flow Yoga Foundations:
A great yoga class for beginners or those who want to slow down the flow. We focus on building a solid foundation for every student. Alignment and body positioning cues will always be provided by the teacher throughout this class as well as instruction on breathing and pauses throughout the yoga class.
LEVEL: Level 1

Flow Yoga Mixed Levels:
A creative flow that keeps moving, and will most likely make you sweat This yoga class is slightly more challenging but pushes yogis to continue to develop strength, flexibility and skill level and is sure to leave you feeling energized and de-stressed.
LEVEL: Mixed Levels

Flow Yoga Level 2:
A practice where you will be challenged with more complexity in pose options and transitions as well as plenty of sweat. If you have previous experience with yoga and are confident in your skills, this yoga class would be a great place to start and still feel challenged!
LEVEL: Level 2

Stretch & Restore:
A slower practice which targets the deep connective tissues of the body through deep stretches and helps you to restore by relaxing and letting go. It’s deep and nourishing, without much flow. Build your flexibility and allow for your body to restore during this yoga class made for all levels of yogis!

LEVEL: All-Levels