At the end of every long day is a person looking for a way to relax. More and more studies have been conducted to support that the practice of yoga is one of the best ways to get a handle of your health while also getting some quality time to relax and lower stress levels. When yoga started to gain popularity, people began to question whether or not this physical activity made a difference to people’s lives or if it was all just hype. Because of that, plenty of studies have been conducted to see what it is that creates the relaxing benefits we see, and the results they found were astounding.

The results of the studies revolve around your body’s two nervous systems: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. High blood pressure, heightened heart rate and imbalanced hormones are all results of your body’s sympathetic system being stressed. The parasympathetic is also known as your flight or fight response. On the other hand, your parasympathetic calms all of these effects, meaning that it lowers your heart rate, blood pressure and helps with steady blood flow.

One of the key parts of yoga is breathing. In each class you will notice that your breathing takes precedence to how much progress you make as you continue to develop your skills. You will also see that this helps with the amount of calming effects that you see, and how well you meditate during the class. The reasoning behind this is that Pranayama, the breathing practiced in yoga, has huge effects on our body’s parasympathetic nervous system. Being able to disburse oxygen to our vital organs keeps blood flow strong and our body parts healthy. Another benefit to this controlled breathing is that it resets our bodies and gets them on their natural tempo so that they run better from the get go.

While this sounds like an effect that you’d only see in the yoga studio, your body will naturally begin to take on this tempo and regulate your breathing without you having to think about it. Allow for these breathing habits to take over your life beyond the yoga studio. Join us at Flow Yoga, where we truly believe that we can enhance and evolve your lifestyle into one that you love.