flow yogaSome people are able to eat full on meals before they head to the a yoga class, but for most of us, that isn’t the case. What you eat is going to matter so much more when you’re going to be contorting your body into different positions and utilizing your core muscles as much as you do in a yoga class. If you’re someone that needs something in their stomach, but doesn’t want to go over the limit, here are a few light and healthy snacks that are ideal to eat right before a yoga class.


Bananas are one of the most commonly suggested snacks to have before a workout. High in fiber and easy to digest, bananas don’t spike your blood sugar creating a crash later on. They’re also extremely light on your stomach so that physical activity won’t create an upset tummy. Another added benefit to this snack is that it is full of vitamin B6 which provides energy as well as natural sugars that feed your body the good bacteria’s that keep it strong.

Fruit & Nut Bar

No added sugars and loaded with protein, snack bars that have dried fruit and nuts are great before a yoga class. Selecting bars with less than 300 calories and no added sugars is key to getting the most out of this snack. Between the natural sugars and the protein from the nuts, your body is able to digest this snack slowly over time, so that your body isn’t upset as you start working out. If you can’t find any bars within this spectrum of ingredients, making your own is extremely easy to do!

Don’t come to yoga class on an empty stomach. Start preparing for your yoga class by bringing a healthy, light snack to munch on before class. If you’re coming to the yoga studio after school or work, this is even more important. Feed your body the nutrients it needs to build muscle and stay strong, and then let our experienced yoga teachers mold your bodies. Join us for a class today!