Regardless of whether you are a yoga expert or you can’t pronounce “Vinyasa,” we are sure you’ve heard of downward dog pose. So how did this pose become so well known? What exactly is it? We at Flow Yoga have the answers for you.

What is downward dog?

Downward dog is a pose commonly practiced in yoga. In order to move your body into downward dog, start on all fours. From there, plant your hands firmly and spread your fingers. Press through your palms into the floor. As you breathe out, push your hips up and back towards the wall behind you and straighten your legs as much as possible. You are now in downward dog!

Why do we do it?

Downward dog uses the entire body and works effectively as a warm up, as well as a cool down. However, it also has some little-known health benefits!

  • As an inverted pose, your heart is positioned above your head. This can stimulate blood flow and helps to both calm your body and energize it.
  • It strengthens your body. It is a simple enough pose to move into, but it can be challenging to hold. It will improve shoulder strength and assist with building stronger bones.
  • It can improve your posture by opening your shoulders and chest muscles. When these parts of your body aren’t as tense, it can help your posture throughout the day.

If you would like to learn more about downward dog and the other health benefits of yoga, be sure to visit us at Flow Yoga in Tracy. We look forward to seeing you!