Already doing yoga, but want to take it to the next level? Or, do you want get more out of your yoga session? It may be time to add massage therapy to your health and fitness routine! Both have similar benefits, and combined together give you optimal health benefits and stress relief!

Yoga Benefits

Yoga is a low impact fitness activity that improves circulation (as all fitness activity does), strengthens, and improves flexibility. Yoga works well by itself and in tandem with other sports, because, yoga prevents injury through improving flexibility, and aiding in recovery, as well as, age reversal. Athletes who have added yoga to their fitness routine, have not only seen an increase in performance, but also a greater peace of mind.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage therapy has many benefits and can be tailored to your needs: Massage improves muscle health and recovery, detoxes the body, and can be a natural pain relief. Massage also has many mental benefits as well, including stress, anxiety and depression relief, and energy level improvement.


Together yoga and massage therapy gives double the benefits, and helps you get the most out of each activity. Massage before yoga will help with muscle recovery and enable you to push your flexibility beyond what you have done before, because your muscles will already be pliable and loose: Massage after will help muscles recover and further the psychological benefits, a still, peaceful mental place.

Want to Try It?

Want to take your fitness to the next level adding yoga and massage therapy to your fitness routine? Or, simply enjoy the benefits of yoga more fully? Sign up for one of our yoga classes and a massage therapy session! Call Flow Yoga Studio in Tracey today and start experiencing peace and health in a way that you’ve never had before!