Many associate massage therapy with luxury, vacation, or as one of those rare “special” things that you get to experience annually or every once-in-awhile. Really, massage should be part of our regular health regimen and here’s why:

Psychological Benefits

Massage therapy has many psychological benefits. To begin with, massage is taking time away from one’s busy schedule to lay still in a relaxing atmosphere. We all need time away to not only rest our minds, but also to take a step back; sometimes simply taking a step back alleviates a lot of the tension that all of us carry around with us in our minds and bodies. Massage therapy’s calming effects will decrease anxiety, release endorphins which positively affects those prone to depression, improve sleep, and energy levels.

Physical Benefits

To understanding the benefits of massage therapy, we must adopt a holistic view of the body: As with yoga, the mind and body are interconnected. And when the body feels better, mood is improved, and when one’s stress is reduced, then his or her body will have reduced tension and generally feel better. The physical benefits of massage include: reduced muscle tension, pain reduction, improved circulation, joint flexibility, improved athletic performance, and more.

How Does it Work?

In basic terms, massage therapy heals the body, aids in detoxification, and when pressure points are utilized, is a natural pain reliever. The kneading and pressure applied during massage therapy, like when one exercises, stimulates blood circulation and works out the toxins that have built up in the muscles and releases the toxins into the bloodstream. Because of the higher level of toxins in the bloodstream, it is incredibly important to drink a lot of water after a massage, to complete the detoxification process.

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