Linda feels that yoga has brought a whole new awareness to her life, and she wants to help others find their own personal awareness and inner peace as a yoga instructor. Her intention is support others while they work through the asanas and blend their breathing and movement to become one.  Linda began her journey practicing yoga in 2012 to help round out her many years of group exercise.  Linda began her yoga training in April 2013 and it has become her passion to share her practice with as many as she can as a yoga teacher.   Linda brings a grounded and caring approach and wants to help others achieve the same type of peace that yoga can bring. Linda has been teaching and leading group exercise since 1980.  Linda has been certified for twenty five years through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Linda’s classes are in the Vinyasa Flow style, but also brings awareness, meditation and relaxation techniques to the practice through creative and fun sequences.