Holly grew up in Hawaii and lived there until 1990, when she graduated high school and left to pursue life on the “mainland”, in Sacramento, California. She quickly began a career in management at Trader Joe’s where she met her husband in 1997. After her first child was born in 2002 she left her career behind and began her life as a mom.

Holly started her Yoga journey in 2004 when her hectic life as a mom compelled her to seek an outlet to help her relax physically and mentally, and soon felt the difference it made in her life. She quickly fell in love with yoga and decided she wanted to share her passion, and become a yoga teacher. Receiving her YogaFit certification in 2010, she continues the pursuit of education to strengthen her teaching skills.

Holly feels that yoga has helped her to be more present for the people in her life and is grateful to be able to share the gift of Yoga with others: flexibility, strength, endurance, an open heart and a calm mind, and teaches us to live in harmony with ourselves. Visit Flow Yoga Studio and enjoy having Holly as your yoga instructor.